Monday 21 June 2010

Thomas Spence on Midsummer's Day

A special day for the radical heritage of Tyneside.

In the evening, at the Lit & Phil, the stalwarts of the WEA (and me) gathered:

Don't know who Spence is? Look here.

Here are some other drawings for and about Spence that I didn't finish in time for the 'History and that' anthology. I still dream one day of doing a comic about Spence.

And a picture of Spence I quite like from the first thing about him I drew:

The drawings of Marsden Rock for the fabulous tale of 'Jack the Blaster' were sadly left and lost on a train when I got off at Dent.

But one day, ONE DAY, I will stick these various doodles and more together into a Spence comic that makes sense.

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