Monday, 26 July 2010

Off to Siberia

This blog will go quiet now as I start my anarchist pilgrimage to Siberia.
I have already drawn the first couple of things for the zine that will ensue.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Some good zine karma

I got back from school yesterday to find some great little bits of zine karma. The kind of thing that comes uninvited, on a day you don't expect, and makes you feel great inside. So I will continue handing out my beach zines to people on the street, and leaving little piles of them in my favourite newcastle pubs.
First, I had an anonymous envelope through the door, with a lovely A6 zine about a mexican wrestler, presumably linked to the vamos festival (mexican wrestling at the star and shadow next week!)

Second, I had an email from a chap I'd handed a zine to in the street. I have a tradition now, for when a zinejob has just been printed and is delivered to the door, of leaving at least a symbolic one or two on a bus seat, at a bus shelter, in a phone box, and of handing at least one out to a stranger in the street.

We were sat in Tilley's and I was looking for a likely someone to give one to. A leggy blonde with 2 rucksacks kept walking past but I didn't dare choose her cos she would think it was a come-on. But then Haz and a strangerboy walked past and "there you go" / "thanks".
So he emailed back and informed me of this lovely little initiative, that work currently stops me attending, and which I should therefore bunk off to join along with. Do pop along if you're free.

So my own zine karma is in pretty good nick still, with zines recently posted, uninvited, to North Yorkshire & America.
My own 'DIY culture' is a bit shoddy though, as I seem to be worse and worse at organising anything with other people. So next weekend's crafty session at the star and shadow needs a proper think / I need to get my arse in gear getting my submission in for the 'History and that' anthology / I need to go to Middlesbrough and support AJ's fantastic events.