Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Zines up the Logjam

Hi, I really enjoyed giving out some free copies of my Late Shows Zine at the weekend. Officially I don't feel they've been mine to give out, as they were part of my paid commission last year, but I really wanted to share them with some people. I'll stick a few pictures on here when I can, but I live in the countryside these days and the internet is weak (I like this), which means uploading photos is a right royal pain. I need to devote actual planned time to do it, so apologies for the sparseness of my sharing on here.

Anyhow, two zines should be out and about this summer, which were ready last summer. One is the Late Shows Zine, and the other is the Coffeeshops Zine.

If you would like either, post me something to my new address at
Millfield Cottage, 
Bardon Mill, 
NE47 7HX. 
A postcard is easily sufficient. 
A letter is a treasure. 
A zine a gift.