Sunday, 29 July 2012

Temporary Mouth Exhibition

I forget what it was now, I think perhaps it was some chance comment at the bar in the star and shadow when we were stood there, painting monsters on the Hexham Courant (best newspaper in the north east), and a pizza box, before a gig started. But it made me think "why not fill that empty exhibition space with an exhibition" and so I did just that the following Sunday, during the canny little library, with the help of anyone else who was hanging around.

The rules were simple: use your mouth to bite two eyeholes and a mouth-hole in a Star and Shadow brochure. 

Fingers were used to improve some holes, and noses, even ears, were added to some. 

I borrowed some blu-tack, stuck up the programmes, and went home.

Lucky for me, not having a camera these days, Miss 'Stolen Orange' was there with hers, and these photos are all hers.