Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Geordie Monsters Say Goodbye!

There's Geordie Monsters on the walls, there's Geordie Monsters printed and bound, there's Geordie Monsters on original paper, envelopes, newspaper pages in pen, sharpies, biro and pencil.

I'm done with Geordie Monsters - the open fanzine about local bands - and to say goodbye I've stuck em up in an exhibition at the Star & Shadow, just in time for its closing time in August, hah!

Except the Star & Shadow isn't quite closed for August - there's something or other on each week so if you walk through the doors (for storytelling on Friday, a party or a vintage fair later in the month), have a look in the lobby area and as you play table football or pingpong, scan the drawings of monsters.

They're up until they're in the way, and then they're gone. But it's been good to stick em all up in one place and see them again. A few folk have also had the heart to say very nice things about them. Even a bit of nostalgia & a perhaps ill-judged whiff of regret.

The crayon and paint monsters were made by Hotspur schoolchildren, myself, and some original inspiration left by Turps Zine. For the offcuts and mistakes wallpaper-pasted onto one wall I used the same bucket to re-cover a bit of the boys' toilets too.

If you're out & about in town, look for the final issue of Geordie Monsters in the Head of Steam, Star & Shadow, Cluny, Details, Cumberland, Tanners, Small Change, random pubs, who knows where the stack of 250'll get left.