Tuesday, 9 December 2014


I took part in Inktober this year, and drew at least something for the first twenty something days - although never to my satisfaction and never with much time because life doesn't often give much free time for perfectionism or retreat from activity.

For the first time in my life I bought a moleskine journal and it fits a lot of pages in a nice package, but it isn't for me. The paper's too thin and a bit glossy, and it's basically an overrated brand with  too much of a premium placed on it.

Anyway, this is the first month since last winter when I've had a full week to sit in front of a computer doing work with the internet. So finally it's time to catch up on my papery & zine-y updates.

This one's the first, it is some pictures from that journal, which I decided at first to give a cephalopod theme, although that wore off when I had less leisure, so then I just drew the things I was reading about in books, and the people and furniture around me.

It was good, Inktober, I'll take part again next year.

the 1st pages in the journal
a good friend
view from the window
my favourite picture of an octopus (copied from the internet)
drawing creatures I sighted
I should mention, I was in Malta for much of October, hence the scorpions etc

these are the snails of Malta
I didn't see any weevils, but who can resist their noses?
 a handy black beetle identification chart
my best nautilus (again, copied from the internet)
fragments from my diary
I'm particularly happy with this simple picture of the round bus parking bit in Valletta - it looks just like it
and here is a somewhat abstracted Valletta street, all steps and steep old buildings

back in the UK, quick pint
v quick sketch of the scan committee meeting
railway station stuff on platform 5
and losing the attention to keep it going, this was my last Inktober sketch on 25th October