Saturday, 4 July 2015

POSTCARDS - addresses please!

Hi all, I used to send some of you drawings, letters and postcards when I went on little adventures.

Postcards from the beach, packages from Siberia, long illustrated letters more infrequently.
I still type-write sometimes, but I am no longer a regular swapper of zines by post, and I am generally the one who stopped writing. This is sad.

I went to Handa Island for a week at the end of June, and said on facebook to send me postal addresses for postcards. Only 5 people did so, which is a sign, I think, that nowadays no one really expects me to get around to it. I have several unfinished projects, and forget all of the things I have said I am going to do. But I did draw those postcards in June and I did enjoy posting them

I did a search on my email for "postcard addresses" to get some more to send to from those of you have, in the past, requested them. And realised it was 2010 when I last put out such a call! A whole 5 years is a significant proportion of life. What a shame not to have been doing mail art, regular letters and so on for that long.

So it's time to start again. I would like your addresses please. Or a postal address that you can access at least: perhaps you don't know me well enough to tell me where you live.
For those of you who I know much better: I do not remember where you live. I rarely visit, if at all, and even for the closer friends I have to email to be reminded of where to send such a thing as a postcard. My days of living in a geographical-linked community - a neighbourhood -are gone.
So addresses please. I will at some point send you a picture or a something if you send me an address to send it to.

And there is no obligation to reply with your own post, but I do love receiving it. My address has changed, and I don't want spamharvesters to know it, but I will write it in a picture and place it below.