Saturday, 24 November 2018

2018 has been a real step-up for me.

Hi blog. I, like many others, have lost the habit of blogging and have been posting on facebook, twitter, and tentatively on instagram instead. It is more effortless to post there but there is less personal impact than writing a blog.

And my grammar gets worse.

And the sense of no value to your posting (it will be lost and disappear anyway: you know your audience, even the likers, are only connecting with you for about a second before the next dancing cat or clickbait "you'll never guess" post grabs the roving eye) - that sense of no value diminishes the purpose, thoughtfulness, and reflectiveness that, perhaps, a blog or diary or article should have.

So I am testing out blog writing on my phone for the first time, on a bus, and it 'may' be that I follow with a proper catch up of comics, urban sketching, group events, commissions and diary drawing here. However rather than produce a CV or record of achievement I will probably write about peripheral interests instead. The web should be a place for playful idle additions to our main life, not what it has become: a work-related place or a force for conformism. We are more than our projected selves. We do tons of shit that doesn't fit our main message. A bit of that is what a blog is perfect for, and it doesn't intrude on others' own socmedia timelines so aggressively as other platforms. This blogpost can be ignored and that is OK!

But the headline: I have been drawing more than ever in 2018. I am better now at drawing than before, and I am happy to notice it. I have had a world of praise and affirmation from lots of good people this year, produced 3 (& counting) publications, had a well-paid and successful artist residency, helped set up a drawing group still going strong, and generally hit a level of confidence and social status that is definably DIFFERENT to any previous year.

It's good. I even meant, at one point, to set myself up an artist website like grownups do, but on reflection I think I will purposefully stay under that radar. The kudos-less address of blogspot/blogger with its olde worlde associations will suit my internet presence fine.