Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Pank's Not Dead in Siberia

My friend Dima travelled to the far north of Siberia, to an abandoned, collapsing settlement near the far northern sea. And he took these photos.

A sign on the building read 'punk's not dead'.
("панк будет жить" means "punk will live", "будет" - future form of "be")

Zoom out here on google maps to get the full effect. In fact that's the best bit. ZOOM ZOOM!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Mini Comics at Onefest

I've done another in my recent little series of videos. This one is 10 minutes of minicomics!

Watch it here -

I joined the Hungry Elephant cafe at the weekend, as they fed and catered for the Wiltshire hordes who went to Onefest With French who did circus skills, and Susan who made hungry elephants out of plastic milk cartons, I provided a simple mini comic workshop that ... well actually the video tells you all this and more! It features bits of music from festival performers, too.

Next in the pipeline is THIS SATURDAY mini comics at the City Library at 1pm. Except I have to leave then, so instead I am doing a postal mini comic project that you are welcome to join in with.