Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Summer Festivals

For those of us staying in the UK, a decent summer is a summer with festivals in it.

So spending the Glastonbury weekend in the house, not even making it to Sedbergh, my imagination panicked at being left indoors when the sun was shining outside, so I did a trawl of festivals and here's my rough itinerary, in case it might match yours. Work, of course, might mean any and all of these may get cancelled, but here's sucking my thumb and holding it up to the wind:

JUNE: meetings, going on strike from my nonexistant job, & camping at Lindisfarne.

This weekend - sister + nephew visit plus
FRI 1 Winter North Atlantic (gig, Durham)
SAT 2 Klenegan at the Sage
SUN 3 Josie Long & 'bad art' with the peg powler duo (gig, Eaglescliffe)
7th Sea of Bees (gig, Newcastle)
SAT 9th Durham Miners Gala
11th-13th Forest Schools, Riding Mill
14-17 Volunteering at festival on the Isle of Lewis. (Possibly not realistic.)
18-22 possible long distance walk with ex-Mongolian friends
SAT 23, Scotswood Garden Open Day. Alwinton Choral Concert, Cheviots
29-31 Indietracks Festival, Midlands, or Rolling Hills festival, Melrose?

6th Redesfest: drawing/fanzine workshop
7-11 Billingham Folklore Festival
12-14 Beacons Festival, nr.Skipton, fanzine workshop.
20-26 Whitby Folk Festival
26-28 Sunday Galtres Fest, nr.Crayke/York, volunteering.
28 eve - Willy Mason (gig) Band room, North York Moors

SEPTEMBER - would love to start with the End of the Road festival in dorset, purely for the bands, but the money factor should mean i don't go - plus what am I thinking of, spending a festival totaly on my own anyway?
Then 9th Sept off to Malta for Raptorcamp.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Some invitations to contribute, this summer.

For the next Opinionated Geordie Monsters, I'd like to get a range of festivals covered. ('Covered'? I just mean mentioned from a monsterly direction, really.)

You're the kind of person who could draw a page for Wor Diary 2012: see the guidelines here.

And a simpler ad for wor diary, in case it's new to you:

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Bothy EP

In-between my first bothy zine and the next one, I occasionally go to bothies. So I may collect my notes of these visits into a 'bothy EP' - like a filler between albums, y'know!

Here are the pics of this week's visit to Haughton Green with my friend Birke.

Queen's Crags
(feel like a site of worship - natural libation bowls in the rock & a great sense of place. Queen = Goddess? & higher than the nearby Kings Crags)

The Hoodies of Housesteads.
(Probably my favourite local gods.)

Haughton Green bothy notes.

Queen's Crags.

Housesteads : one of the hoodies.
(because it was drawn so badly first time - the one on the left)

Our route.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Green Fest Story Full Pages

Hi, here are the full scanned pages for the typewritten collaborative Green Festival story. Hopefully. Digital technology is all going wrong for me this week, maybe in revenge for my analogue recidivism. (just checked: that IS a real word).

Click on the images a couple of times to get them to a readable size.

Green Festival Collaborative Story.

This year at the Green Festival I took down 2 typewriters (& lots of free strawberry plants), and invited everyone walking past to have a go and make some kind of collaborative story / experience / stream of consciousness. It was great fun, when it wasn't raining, and the resulting 16-page document is posted here.

[This post will follow the same format as the last - snippets followed by the full pages. This is because, lacking now not only a digital camera but also a working laptop, the post is fulfilling the 2nd function of a safe storage place for these pages (in case anyone involved wants to see em). now's you know].

The opening line (page 2):

3: (worth clicking on to see the young boy's thoughts in faint - one thing I cannot reproduce digitally is the impression of inkless lines)

page 4:




8 (my favourite page):







and page 16, finishing the record: