Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Weekend Before Last

Well that was the 10th to the 12th wasn't it, and I was having all kinds of adventures and thoughts in foreign lands. Borders, police, dead revolutionaries and singing in the funicular. I'll blog about it, but not now. I'm just sticking this stub here to remind myself to remember. A travel zine will come out of it, and possibly 2 videos (1 a v.brief advert, 1 a hotchpotch of filmed travel and animation to make up for the battery going dead on my borrowed camcorder - if ever i get time to do that!)

Anyway, tomorrow I shall make the zine, or not. 

But if I do, I shall tell you about it right here.

Last Weekend - Beacons & Megacon

Ee, I've got behind in blogging. I'm behind in many things at the moment. It's testimony to being out and about. Or should that be testament. Either way, I was, and I made two videos showing what I got up to at:

Carlisle Megacon on Saturday.

I arrived self-consciously stinky from Beacons and was really happy to see those friendly familiar faces of the Paper Jam Collective all in place and sharing coffee and then, seeing my workshop was timetabled to start, making the comics that are shown in the video.

(All the action's in the first minute, and then the final half minute. The rest of the video is documenting the comics like these here - my 3 favourites - which we made together.)

  The finished comics on the pillars (above), Matt fizzing with ideas, and the Paper Jam stall (below). The bright green was unavoidable, and the acoustics were remarkable. Cuttlefish has also blogged about the day here.

Then it was back down to Skipton on the Settle-Carlisle railway (literally scores of trainspotters on the platform for the steam train, and well over-enthusiastic volunteer guides on the up-train who made it very hard to finish my book.)

Making a Collaborative Beacons Fanzine

Anyway, there's a zine on its way for this one, as the video should make clear, so I shall write no more of my experiences than are included therein. This earlier blogpost tells you why I was excited to go, and the pictures below indicate some of the content and method of collection!


I'm returning the camcorder tomorrow so a healthy eye break from video editing for me! And I seem to have a bit of a backlog of zines to make, yipes!