Saturday, 28 February 2009

new zines and works-in-progress for spring

I have a boxload of zines on its way from footprint in leeds, which will soon be out and about in town. They are:

George zine - a comic-diary about the cat who used to live here. An inspiration to us all!

Abraham zine - full name too rude to print. Done in one evening sat in bed (and it shows).

Shed zine - just a double-sided A4-er, comic-zine about a mysterious shed. A true story.

Fantastical Beastes - cut-n-pasted via the internet from the amazing Mr.Topsell, a true genius and brilliant 16th century cartoonist. We need his magic back in our life.

Works in progress:

Fenham zine - ruminations about my neighbourhood, and what was here before.

State zine - something I dip into now and then and probably won't produce for at least a year.

Ingatestonia - one I forgot to finish from 2006-7, about my experiences in Essex.


  1. But after all this talking about zines there arent any pictures....

  2. give it time!
    I just need to spend a full day with a scanner (not something I'm putting at the top of my list of 'ace things to do this month!'