Sunday, 1 March 2009

Exhibition and Battleships launch event!

I have an exhibition starting at the Star & Shadow Cinema this Saturday.

It consists of pencil drawings done as a young and seemingly violent-minded boy. They take up 78 metres of paper-roll and I like to think they are a kind of pre-digital animation (you turn the page to see what happens next).

Well it's not really an arty-farty exhibition so we're launching it not with wine and quaffing but with battenburg cake and fizzy pop (If only I still had a soda-stream!)

The launch event is:


Starting prompt at 2pm on Saturday 7th March, we'll have a group game of battleships where everyone takes a turn to blow up a square on the grid. Last fleet floating wins.


  1. Part of the exhibition has come down now, but most is still up for an uncertain number of days in case you fancy it.

  2. And now it's down, crumpled into my rucksack.
    I just need to steal a couple of pictures of robots and choose what, if anything, to keep.