Wednesday, 1 July 2009

black south shields

I am in my last month of schoolteaching till the summer, a black hole that sucks in creativity & makes it disappear.

I have had to get 2 taxis already this week, at £30 each on top of my weekly £33 transport costs, due to (a) a person climbing up a tower on the metro threatening to kill himself and (b) today, that fantastic electric storm flooding south shields and blacking out every fish shop, taxi rank and metro system in the area. Some stinky thawed-out fish await the noses tomorrow.

I am also doing exam marking in the evenings, hence no blog posts or recent zines. But, promise, I WILL reprint more of the zine reviews; I have other ideas fermenting (or fomenting) in my head; and I'm even dreaming of taking 3 months out at Christmas to focus exclusively on creating an actual comic of my own.

When I asked myself 'what do I really want to have achieved this year?', my answer seemed to be 'create a unique, beautiful comic'.
If you ask yourself the question, what in you responds?

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