Friday, 18 December 2009

Happy Mithras Day

The snow is still falling outside, and on the road it's hardened into ice.
Beautiful snow, almost unreal, like icing sugar.

Last night I finished and printed 100 copies of my Christmas Zine. I stapled and numbered them, and then in the evening I took them out on the bus. A pissed man sat in the seat behind me, and grabbed my neck. His hand felt horrible, and the sense of it on my neck lingered all evening.

Anyway, I dropped some zines off around the ouseburn - the Cumberland, the Cluny and the Star & Shadow. It was too cold to wait for a bus, so i walked into town, to the Dance for Peace & Solidarity, where I asked if it was okay to try flog some Wor Diaries.

I found Alice & Helen with a stall of feminist zines and they let me dump my stack with them and go and listen to the music. We sold some, I got drunk and danced a lot.

On the way home, the snow had settled and taken over the place. I was throwing snowballs all the way up Westgate Road and Brighton Grove. Then I had to get out of bed and vomit. Sorry.

Today we planned to go out to the hills and stay over, but by the time I woke up it was too late to walk, and the roads ain't open. So I've had a wonderful weak day at home with TV, posting zines etc..

I might still get the Newcastle Review Zine done before the year is out, and I've got a mini zine about Pythagoras to print, plus reprints of the Story zine we did at the Star & Shadow.
I'll keep you posted.

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  1. That sounds like a great night out (even the horrible stumbling-out-of-bed-and-throwing-up bit has some merit). I'm going to be down south for a long time, but I'll tell people to keep their eyes peeled for the xmas zine!