Thursday, 2 September 2010

Trail Zine

I am currently in Siberia.

Staying in a group of 16 Russians and others on the shores of Lake Baikal, I persuaded everyone to make a collaborative zine - we all contributed a page. Today I printed it today in Ulan Ude, which I'm rather proud of considering how bloody long just the WORD for photocopying is in Russian, let alone the waits at counters. But actually it worked out fine, and I got a lot of love sent back to me through the pages of the zine.

These pictures are of Travis reading my 'beach zine' [to come] which I gave out as an example, and of some of the zines with our blind dog. For some of my pages for the zine, see the anarchist pilgrimage blog.


  1. If only the "...And That" anthologies were as easy and quick to put together as that!

  2. i cant wait to get a copy.. You better bring us some! x laura

  3. Ah! It's lovely to get comments - apparently people have been having trouble leaving them but emails are always muchly appreciated.