Friday, 4 March 2011

Opinionated Geordie Monsters issue 2 is out!

At a massive 40 pages, the free quarterly fanzine for monsters who live in Newcastle and love music is out now!

Pick it up in the usual venues, see what you think of the other monsters' opinions, and next time you see a band, draw your monstrous thoughts and email or post them to me. This is an open, collaborative fanzine, so let your opinions out-number my own!

Next printing deadline is 1st June!
Copies with the mistakes corrected and printed carefully will also be available for a small price in Travelling Man Comics Shop & Made in Newcastle, next week. (Both shops are on Grainger St).

Decent places in Newcastle where I will leave a few free copies today include:

RPM record shop
Head of Steam pub & music venue
Scrumpy Willow cafe
Details art shop
Newcastle University Fine Art building
Lit & Phil Library

Star & Shadow Cinema
Tanners Arms
Cumberland Arms
Free Trade
the Tyne pub

They may also appear in the Heaton cafe's, and at various gigs over the next few weeks.
For money reasons I won't be posting any out to people this time, unless you post me something first!

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