Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Bothy EP

In-between my first bothy zine and the next one, I occasionally go to bothies. So I may collect my notes of these visits into a 'bothy EP' - like a filler between albums, y'know!

Here are the pics of this week's visit to Haughton Green with my friend Birke.

Queen's Crags
(feel like a site of worship - natural libation bowls in the rock & a great sense of place. Queen = Goddess? & higher than the nearby Kings Crags)

The Hoodies of Housesteads.
(Probably my favourite local gods.)

Haughton Green bothy notes.

Queen's Crags.

Housesteads : one of the hoodies.
(because it was drawn so badly first time - the one on the left)

Our route.

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