Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Interfaith Week Sketches

These are really rather overdue.

They are from back in November, when I asked if I could attend the lunchtime talks organised by Newcastle University's Chaplaincy. These were to provide an opportunity to learn more about the smaller faiths present on campus : those which were not widespread enough to have their own dedicated week.

I found each of these faiths, and each of these talks, both stimulating and sympathetic.

The sort of person from a religious faith group who is willing to turn up to listen to those from other (rival?) faiths is often the best sort of person from a religious faith group. The opposite of a bigot. So I put my own beliefs aside for an hour each day and doodled the speaker.

Monday: Baha'ai

Tuesday: Ismaili

Wednesday: Jewish, Christian & Muslim

 Thursday: Sikh

Friday: Pagan

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