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Full list of bands reviewed in the Opinionated Geordie Monsters Review the Local Band Scene Fanzine

Issue 1  (Oct - Dec 2010)

Diane Cluck
Tom James Scott/Richard Dawson/Hapsburg Braganza
Let's Buy Happiness
Paul Metzger x 2/Hapsburg Braganza/Phil Tyler
Tim & other people
Dieter Moebius
Daniel vs the World/ONSIND/Casual Terrorist
No Fit State/Chronicity/NWKS/ONSIND
Casiotone for the Painfully Alonex 2/Withered Hand x 2/John Egdell
Els Pets
Arockalypse Now
No Fit State/Cowtown/Milky Wimpshake
Titus Andronicus

Issue 2  (Dec 2010 - Feb 2011)

Maybe Myrtle Turtle
Spokes/Vinyle Jacket/Holy Mammoth/Young Liar/Withered Hand/O'Messy Life
John Egdell/Richard Dawson/Jimmy Parkins/Marc Oliver
Hugh Sillitoe
Child Abuse/Divorce/Tide of Iron/Khunnt
Smoke Fairies/Johnny Kearney & Lucy Farrell/Sea of Bees
The Wilders/Kentucky Cowtippers
Peter Stampfel & Jeffrey Lewis
Ben McVinnie
Steve Wynne, Danny Wilson & Martin Stephenson
The Go! Team
Everything Everything/Magnetic Man/Crystal Castles
The Hold Steady/Wintersleep
British Sea Power
Grandfather Birds/Lake Poets/Prison Library
Bonestorm/Tide of Iron/GWC/Rip it Up
Billy Brewster
Sea of Bees x 2
Unknown Musicians
That Happy Busker on Northumberland Street
Little Comets
Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Morris Ford & the Sorry Kisses
Daniel vs the World
Ben Watson/Honest Thief/Is Shepherd
Mogwai/The Twilight Sad

Issue 3  (March - May 2011)

That Fucking Tank
Witches' Revenge
Lani Singers
Roma Dance Troupe
The Levellers
The Wonderstuff
No Fit State
Milky Wimpshake
The Gospel According to Jonathan Lee
Silo Portem
Design a Wave
John Maus
The Turing Test
John playing fiddle
Sea of Bees
John Grant
Sarabeth Tucek
Sufjan Stevens
Sleeping Dog
Gordon McIntryre
Withered hand
Nev Clay
The Folk Trail
Motion Tourist
Tomahawks for Targets
Lanterns on the Lake
The Mountain Goats

Issue 4  (June - Aug 2011)

'Some dude with some toys'
Newcastle Community Green Festival
Ben Howard
The Travelling Band
Ovingham Goose Fair
Winter North Atlantic
Emily Portman
Brass band on the Carlisle-Newcastle train
Sea of Bees
Skylark Song
Jamie Ball, North Terrace acoustic night
Irish Folk Session, Cumberland Arms
Beauty Pageant
Richmond Fontaine
Josef van Wissem
Richard Dawson
Hapsburg Braganza
Blackbeard's Tea Party
Unwelcome Guests
The 255s
Milky Wimpshake
Tide of Iron
Young Liar
Jessica Lamb
Shonen Knife
Pale Man Made
Silver Fox
The Low Anthem
Here Comes Good Sailing
Galtres Festival (Eureka Machines, Littlemores, The Fear. The Summits)
Willy Mason

Issue 5

There is no trace of issue 5.

Issue 6  (Dec 2011 - Feb 2012)

Louis Barabbas & the Bedlam Six/Bridie Jackson/Rob Heron
Bong]Haar/Old Corpse Road/cnoc an tursa
Allo Darlin
Nately's Whore's Kid Sister
Backyard Riddim Orchestra/Side Cafe Orchestra/Geezer/Newcastle Kingsmen
We are knuckledragger/Young Property Developers/Dead like Wolves
Explosions in the Sky
King Creosote & John Hopkins
Malcolm Middleton
Mat from Dugong/Slow Science/Matadors/Coal Train/Saturdays Kids/Homebrew/The Amistad/Caves
Go West
George Welch
Weird Shapes
Allo Darlin/Milky Wimpshake/Rexine
Matt Stalker
Bridie Jackson
Smashing Pumpkins
Ludo Mich
Let's Buy Happiness/Fantasy Rainbow/Crooked Hands

Issue 7  (March - May 2012)

Let's Buy Happiness/Fantasy Rainbow
Crooked Hands
Sexual Objects/Milky Wimpshake/Beauty Pageant
ONSIND/Eric Ayotte/The Amistad
The Staves
Gem Andrews/Martha/Ladies of Midnight Blue/No Fit State
Attila Csihar
Blood Red Shoes/The Cast of Cheers
Two Wings/Doug Tielli
Willy Mason
Tonstartsbandht/Lobster Priest
Shit and Shine
Russel T.Jonas/Moon/Shit & Shine
Trio VD/Black Moth/Gum Take Tooth
Ithaca Trio/Richard Dawson/Petals

Issue 8  [mislabelled 7]  (June - Sept 2012)

Aztek Bangles/Jesters of the End Times/Backyard Riddim Orchestra
Willowman Festival (zubzub/Utah Saints/Bluebuds/Buffalo skinners
Bilge Pump/Unit Ama/No Fit State/Beauty Pageant
Sea Lions/Golden Grrrls
Night of Tyneside dialect song
Gabriel Minnikin/Gem Andrews/John Egdell/Andy Neil
Stagger Lee & Nev Clay (Summertyne Americana)
Honeybop Trio
Waskerley Way/Rexine
Queer'd Science
The Cumberland Reel (Peruvian panpipes, the wind, Iceni)
Lush Acoustic (David Ainsworth/Willie Reed/Phil Ogg)
Redefest (Honeyfungus)
King Bee
The Evans Brothers(& others at SIRF)
Beacons Festival (Tibetan Youth/Stuart McCallum/Patrick Wolf/Fawn Eyes/Wild Beasts/Jacuzzi Boys)
The Blitz Sisters
Divorce/Nately's Whore's Kid Sister/Tide of Iron
The Casual Terrorist/Rexine/Milky Wimpshake/Silver Fox/No Fit State
Richard Dawson
Meg Baird
The Cult/The Mission
Wilt Wagner/The Fenestration/Stuart Moxham

Issue 9  (Oct - Dec 2012)

Tusk Festival (Sylvester Anfang/Pelt/Cian Nugent/Hild Sofie Tafjord/Meitheral/The Unit Ama
Goat/Pigspigspigspigspigspigspigs/Beauty Pageant (x 2)
Euros Childs
Nev Clay/St.James Infirmary
Josephine Foster
Viking Moses
The Dauntless Elite
That Fucking Tank
Spokes/Richard Dawson/Grandfather Birds/Blank Maps
Transylvanian Sex Pest/Tide of Iron/Jackal-headed Guard of the Dead
Noize Choir
Our Imaginary Friends
The Cornshed Sisters
Out of the Trees (Paul Fletcher/Nat Johnson/Agesrskow/Rexine/Grandfather Birds/Lake Poets/Natasha Haws/Sooty Tern)
Unnamed, unpaid folk musicians

Issue 10  (Feb - July 2013)

Northumberland st. buskers
Cinemusique : Girl Sweat/By Toutatis/Year of Birds
Cath & Phil Tyler
Nately's Whore's Kid Sister/Jazzfinger
Viv Albertine/Rachel Lancaster/Wilt Wagner
Louis Barabbas & the Bedlam Six
Basic House/The Cankles
AOS3/Firepit Collective/Backyard Rhythm Orchestra
Casual Sex
The Ordsall Acapella Choir
Holy Moly & the Crackers
Howie Reeve/Cian Nugent & the Cosmos
Evolution Emerging - Lionhall/Big Beat Bronson/Faith Elliott/Nadine shah
Threadfest - The Family Elan/Luke Hirst/Soulmates Never Die
Upload - Uberloon/George Welch/Ladies of the Midnight Blue/Chloe Abbot & Kazza M/The Rock Garden/Jazzy B/Eddy Elvis
Holy Moly & the Crackers
Richard Dawson/Ichi/Rachael Dadd/David Thomas Broughton
Nev Clay
Narcfest - This Little Bird/Agesrskow/Hannah D'Arcy/Retriever/Witch Hands
Northumberland st. busker
The Wharves
Richard Dawson/The Unit Ama
Let's Buy Happiness/Nev Clay/Skylark Song

And that is all.
If you find a copy of issue 5, please share it!

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