Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Lundy and the Bit Between

Second visit to Devon in one month. Equally expensive to the last, it means I won't be able to afford my big summer adventure anymore, but I'm happy and tanned again and here are some of the now-standard sketchbook pictures.

I took the boat to Lundy and walked up the north end of the island and back. It was pretty idyllic and a lot of the cliffs raise your heartrate. Here are some :

The cliffy bits I was drawing here are the petering out rats' tail of island at which MS Oldenburg docks :

But despite my unflattering description, its rocks are also pretty lush when close-up, like this one :

So that's the rocks done with. I couldn't not mention them. There were also baby soay sheep, deer, ponies, highland cattle, grey seals and some falcons. Plus the birds of summer - barn swallows, skylarks in full song, and meadow pipits in abundance. I've not seen any of these up north yet.

But these next pictures were all done on the boat, and clicking through them makes a strange sort of portrait of MS Oldenburg, which was chockfull of children spewing up into paper bags :
And finally (I'm not boring you with what I actually did in any detail, my diary heard all about it so you don't need to) :

Friends Birke & Bjoern, being drawn on the train to Exmouth

And Birke's picture of me, drawing them in return:

I'm glad I draw. I think it is better than drugs for a healthy-feeling mind. And Lundy's nice, I'd like to go back with you.

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