Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Star & Shadow Zines (part 2)

I went for a coffee then came back to the scanner. Here are the second batch of scans from the zines that we made at the old Star & Shadow. Hopes for the new one can be seen here.

As with a lot of my ideas, this was maybe a bit wobbly and overambitious as a plan for other people to understand, but I'm sure something happened.

Not one of mine, and a scan of a photocopy of it, wonder who has originals?

This was a cut-up affair, from a participatory zine-making activity available to anyone who walked in the doors. When old S&S programmes went undelivered sometimes I used them for other purposes. On this occasion, making hybrids!

Not sure whose this was. "Most embarrassing."

This from a review of Kino Bambino from my Newcastle Zine Review of 2009(?) - again, I don't have all the issues, so would like to see the others!

This Mini Comics day was a much better-attended event than my usual affairs, positively buzzing. I think it was on the same day as a 2nd hand market in the cinema, so the families and passersby were persuaded to take part. Or just maybe it was adequately promoted! Anyway, a load of really cool, really quickly made minicomics got made and I have a folder of them : in large part this was because the new minicomics makers were helped by members of the Paper Jam Comics Collective on the day.

I'm sorry to forget the name of the lovely couple who made this minicomic (this the titlepage) but they were super regular attendees of the monthly Storytelling night by A Bit Crack and were so nice that I'm sure they wouldn't mind me including their self-portrait here.
This doodle is, I think, of Bill, Ilana and Mat, but you wouldn't guess it if you know them.

And finally, one sample page from the story zine we made. Others wrote fantasy, horror, erotic and comedy fiction in the Star & Shadow, but I realised I should ask their permission before sharing. I do think their pieces are worth rereading so hopefully I will upload them somewhere soon.

Finally, I found these from the Zine Trail I made once : the idea was you found a page hanging up somewhere in the building, read the clue and then followed it to find the next page: