Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Sketchbook drawings of things, early 2017

I've been drawing a little less than usual, but still regularly. Here are some from the start of the year.


I couldn't afford to join the Star & Shadow volunteers one day so indulged myself with a self-portrait apology. The fact they have volunteer days pretty much EVERY day makes my excuse rather weak. 

The Paper Jam Comics Collective continue to tolerate my occasional presence in their ranks. This is our sign-in sheet : a different theme each week, for us to draw ourselves into. For some reason I found the idea of someone having toast stuck flat-side-round in their mouth completely hilarious that night.

Some great young people are trying to make an ambitious idea happen. I have little to offer but supportive hand waving from the corner.

Pubjam, the every-second-meeting that takes place in the pub, with young and older comics enthusiasts together. I am now in the latter group.


I drew some presenters as they told the room about their new projects. As portraits, these look nothing like the people involved, but as a thing to do during the presentations, it was spot on. 

Paper Jam again - that makes it three meetings in a row, almost a personal record.

Another work thing : I was in the room in case the break-out groups needed someone to prompt and keep them on track. But the person I was covering for returned from her mission and I was relieved straight after doodling the room. 


Tyneside Beekeepers Association : I joined some student bee fans at this event in Gateshead, helping cars park and serving tea and biscuits as needed. And I learnt a lot about raising bees. 

 Onto the Stena Line ferry to Belfast, surveying for dolphins and other such creatures. This was our position on the bridge.

And this is today, reading a zine and writing notes. No pictures, as is often (more often?) the case, but still pen to paper, sun on the page, screen turned off and views passing by. I like this way of life.

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