Thursday, 9 April 2009

DiY Aye!

I'm off on holiday, but just had time to draw these flyers.
I'll probably be quiet for a few weeks cos of spirit-squeezing work, so hello for the rest of April, see you in bonny May!

Flyer by CJ


  1. I love the flyer, now I NEED to know how to make bread outside, that would be more useful than you might think!

    Crappy siggy;

    My Zine Distro...

    Badges are kinda my thing...

  2. DIY Aye! is starting to night, which means handmade photocopier-free zine-making starts tomorrow morning!

    I haven't advertised it much, so I imagine there'll just be 12 or so people involved and have the materials to suit. Coloured paper, dot-to-dots, a variety of stamps & handlable materials.

    I will use the experience to write up a 'how to' guide for photocopier-free zines, so hopefully we'll get a sense of what is fun and what is dull and what are the best hand tools!