Monday, 6 April 2009

Postcards and Collaborating by post.

1. My friend Chez is starting a project of posting 30 snippets of her day on postcards to friends around the world who will then respond in kind. I think it's a lovely idea and I might copy it.

Electronic 'likes & dislikes' 'status updates' & the like are fine, great in a way, but at the same time all they really say is: "I am looking at a computer screen". You get to express a different side of yourself when you write on the back of bus tickets, gig flyers or seed packets.

2. As of today, I am hoping to start a comic dialogue with an old friend from primary & middle school, who I haven't done anything with for 15 - 20 years. By comic I mean drawn, not amusing!

I write to him explaining that I'd like to post a cartoon/narrative to him, and have him reply in kind, until we build up a possible booklet. But the great thing is right now I have very little idea what he's doing, and I only got back in touch with him cos my parents know where his dad lives, I posted him my 'zine from my childhood', and he emailed back to say hi. So we might even get to know each other again, by drawing cartoons back and forth to each other! Or, of course, he might not reply...

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  1. Well, some things take off and some don't. It's August now and i guess this letter dialogue ain't gonna happen. Maybe the sense of zine making isn't so clear to those who aren't already into it. Shame.