Friday, 21 August 2009

My Tour of the English Bothies (zine) has begun!

This week I visited the two most out-lying and far-flung English bothies and wrote & sketched loads, which I'm generally happy with.
(click on a picture to read my burbles...)

Sample scans from Pinkneys bothy visit (North Yorkshire):

Sample scans from Warnscale Head bothy visit (Cumbria):

And tomorrow I am setting off on the 6-day walk between the bothies of the Kielder kingdom, with nothing but my thoughts and a small radio (which may or may not have reception) for company.

Talk when I'm back from the darkest spot in England...


  1. Sounds great! I look forward to hearing about your trips, now that I've found your blog. I also might have a scanner for you, if you need one... feel free to get in touch about any tech questions etc!

  2. Love these! Ever since I picked up your zine about George at the S&S.

    My wife used to dream of a bothie in the hills, till last week in Norfolk she saw her first beach-hut.

  3. I survived the Kielder bothies, though my boots didn't. Just two to see now, on the Cumbrian fells, before I print the zine.

    Thanks for the comments!