Thursday, 13 August 2009

RoSpence Comicman

That's how my oversensitive cursor reconfigured
"Roman philosophers & Spence Comic"

Visiting my family, I drew & photographed bits & pieces.

I realised I really can't draw women so will try copying some standard comic images (not hourglass & boobs, but not square plus legs either).
My plan is to take photos on the street, print them on paper, then draw over the street figures in black, then in white, to see what actual genuine geordie people look like. Not detailed, just enough for 1cm background-figures.

I also wrote enough for a mini zine on Roman philosophers, which I'll copy next week.

Today I had a nice time* at the Paper Jam Comics meeting, & I started drawing my ideas for the comic I dream of making in 2010. Or at least doodling with one of Spence's rants:


Here are ingredients i may include (I won't fully explain right now, but I dream of spending 3 months hand-making a comic about Spence, me, Newcastle, etc...):

1. star & shadow 2page: need to draw the cinema/tanners arms/bus stops, minimal dialogue covering depression/meaning of life/sound advice from character at the bus-stop.

2. dream sequence of french revolution sex (!) (blame anais nin and a 14-year old imagination)
3. collect old engravings/scenes of newcastle of the period, to cut-n-paste over.
4. 'Gathering Nuts' story.
5. Marsden rock sketches.

It's the first bit I will try get done this Summer - the rest will have to wait until after Christmas, I think, which is good cos I'll know if my enthusiasm is still with me - in which case I know it's worth committing to!

Photographed version:

Scanned version:

Other than that, I have spent over £80 on comics in the last week, which is sickening and bourgeois, but wonderful. In no particular order I salute Anders Nilsen, Daniel B, Dave Hughes, Yoshihiro Tatsumi, Christophe Blain, Marco Corrona, Boulet, Aude Picault, Mandragore...
The impact on my brain is like to this computer interfacing superior alien technology...

But a word of advice: never read 'Deogratias: A tale of Rwanda' before going to sleep. I literally lay there in a state of horror afterwards, unable to close off what the comic told me. I had to read other stuff to try and occlude it.

*by 'nice time' I mean: for the first time this summer I have spent life as was once envisaged in future communist utopia.
In the morning I read about the neolithic alignments of carnac.
In the afternoon I worked with Marian on the allotment, making clearings in the jungle and gorging on purple gooseberries.
In the evening I walked into town and drew comics with some good people.

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