Friday, 4 September 2009

Bothy zine goes to print!

The Roman philosophers zine (bit of a niche market, that one), is appearing in free spaces around the city this weekend - bus seat, shelf, star & shadow...

And I'm finishing the Bothy Zine off tonight, including the action-packed disastrous adventure that was our attempt, this week, to find Mosedale Cottage. Police! Rainstorms! 10-storey high waterfalls and being stranded in the pitch black night!

To get a copy, send an SAE to my address.

Having decided not to colourprint the cover, I won't now be using these photos that accompanied the bothy walks.

Seathwaite; and a Herdwick ram.

On the bus to Kielder; lichen; & a bum print in Skyspace:

Kielder infrastructure: cycle paths & rival forest signs (Newcastleton vs Kershope vs Kielder)

Kershopehead, upstairs room.

This page didn't make it into the zine, I forget why exactly.

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