Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Just for Fun - 'collaborations' over the next month.

Here (once I scan them in) are a couple of things I'm contributing:

(1) A (rather maudlin and literal) Gentleman Ghost for Jack Fallows' killed-off character.

(2) Introducing the Newcastle Literary & Theosophical Society, which I've just drawn tonight sat in bed. Ideally I would have carefully planned it out and provided decent clues, but instead I just did it cos otherwise I ... er ... wouldn't do it. For the Paper Jam 'Kids' Anthology, hopefully not as controversial as the Oz 'Kids' Issue - should I white-out the blown-off head?

(3) Done my wor diary week, need to chase and give others theirs. www.wordiary.org

(4) And (drum-roll) a profitless day at the Star & Shadow. (Probably) the 17th October, all welcome, free (of course) and open and creative and nothing to do with the arts council or newcastlegateshead or any other such bullshit (word to the cartographers: newcastlegateshead doesn't exist, there is a space between the two places, and a fine river is running through it).

But anyway - what is this free and open and creative thing? Why a story-writing day!
I hate writing stories, or I would if I had ever attempted to write any, but I thought it would be a nice way for me and my housemate Anna to (ahem) 'collaborate' by joining two of our interests together. She writing me zines.

STEP 1: Turn up for breakfast at the star and shadow, no expertise necessary.
STEP 2: Chat and leaf through the paperbacks I'll have got from the Grainger Market stall (where you pay a deposit and get it back when you return them): westerns, doctor romances, horror, hardboiled detective, maybe some soft porn.
STEP 3: Go to a location in the cinema - roof, toilet, bar, darkroom, your choice.
STEP 4: Write a mini short story in your chosen genre, and try to combine the fixtures and features of that space with the story-elements of, for example, a zombie attack on the bar; an erotic fantasy in the cinema; a crime thriller on the roof...
STEP 5: Get back together and write, type or whatever our efforts up into a printable booklet, and print them the same day to leave as a free zine in the star & shadow. Unfinished pieces and fragments perfectly welcome.

If you're interested, drop me a line.
Or send me a zine if you want to swap some.

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