Monday, 26 October 2009

Story Zine & Hybrid Zine

Making the story zine was lovely. 8 people took part.
The ugliest breakfast in the world was made on my campstove. Phipps was looking after a friend's dog, which did a poo.
And inspired by some trashy hire-books from the Grainger Market we produced some rather racy page-long works.
Here's excerpts (we mostly chose to be 'anon' so I'll just number them).
See if you can work out which room each takes place in. The title of the zine became 'It happened in the star & shadow':

1 "Other than the omnipresent computers, the symbol of working life, there's the sort of multicoloured mess that you'll find produced by artists."

2. "lunges forward, lips targeting lips, face for face. The man swerves and puts his mouth to Barney's ear. 'Brains' he whispers. 'Brains. Brains.'

3. "Between her legs, there glittered, like a finely-polished sheriff's badge, the little brass plaque bearing her seat number. Well, if it wasn't number 15, too!"

4. "He started to rise, bloody stripes over his face, but then, unseen above him, and with a slow-motion tilt, a small black box marked with stickers and the name 'lomo 33STS', fell silently down."

5. "I wake to the sound of crying and I see her. A woman sitting looking at the floor, handkerchief pressed to her face."

6. "His soft lips traced the outline of her jaw forcing out a gasp of pleasure as they neared the soft skin behind her ear."

7. "A substance emerged, globular, from the small machine, flowing out, massively encompassing the space, filling every corner, squashy with soft form."

8. "Mac brushed his creviced hands over the dark plastic levers remembering a time they had touched the softer and yielding folds of a willing woman"

9. "It helped him straighten his back, take a deep breath, clean his face up and start walking, his face now stony and held in place, stiff. Quick out the door and no-one would notice."

1. Office.
2. Projection Room.
3. Cinema.
4. Office.
5. The wallpapered room opposite the darkroom.
6. Bar.
7. Foyer.
8. Box office.
9. Corridor between cinema and office.

Genres covered include Western, Erotic Fantasy, Sci-fi Porn and Zombie Romance.

It was such a fun thing to do that I can't wait to do something similar again. So as Anna gathers some girls round to make a Mills n Boon romance, I have booked a saturday slot in the Star & Shadow in January to make


this time we will turn up not with pens and keyboards, but with glue and scissors, to cut up some cinema programmes and mix the words up with a page from our favourite novel/yellow pages/rent demand/council report. See what nonsensical poetry we can create, what hybrids can be found by the intermixing of everyday text. All welcome, free, purposeless and fun.

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