Thursday, 15 October 2009

Story Zine Writing this Saturday

Dear all,

One of the many low-key creative things that happen at the Star & Shadow cinema is taking place on Saturday, from 10.30am onwards for 2 hours or so. If you are free, please come and join in - all are welcome, it's free and there's no need to be an expert!

At 10.30 we will share a wee breakfast & coffee in the office (bring anything you want!), flick through some trashy paperbacks - a western, a crime thriller, a mills'n'boon lovestory etc.. - and decide who wants to go where.

Then we will split up, with a notepad and pen (or laptop or typewriter) each, and try and write a very short (300 words?) story. This could be a fragment of a zombie horror, a gangster shoot-out, an existential monologue or an erotic fantasty - absolutely anything you fancy! The aim is to include some particular architectural or recognisable feature of the building (& its environs) in your story - the snake above the bar, the cinema seats or the darkroom equipment - whatever! Together we will cover some odd nooks and crannies of this rather unusual building, & maybe help people see them in a whole new light!

We'll meet up again after an hour or so and share ideas, writings & any problems. Then a chance to finish off or even write a second mini-story before we collect up the writings and check they're readable. By 2pm I intend to be at a photocopier printing out 100 copies of our stories as a zine that can then be left in the zine box and given out to cinema-goers for free.

And that's it! Absolutely anybody welcome!
But remember - we only have 26 letters to choose from.

(do bear in mind that the Rimini boys will be cleaning the cinema and setting things up ready for the evening, so we will have try our best not to hinder them. I might even ask us to wear 'writer' badges or something so they know who we are!)


p.s. if anyone fancies a more active alternative way of looking at the toon, the CCTV treasure hunt is starting at 11am at the City library.

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  1. I totally hope I can make it to this, and that I don't end up in bed for ages...