Monday, 1 February 2010

New York Poncing & 'Mail Art'

Hi, I'm off to go ponce in New York.

Only one weekend to go and I will no doubt make a zine out of it coz I'm at the stage now where I don't know how not to.

I have no real idea what 'mail art' is so I'll do a search for it after writing this, but I DO intend to post back some pictures/letters via the sky and poorly-paid sorters' grimy fingers. I will then ask the people who get these postcards off me to lend me them back so's I can incorporate them into the zine, whatever the zine turns out to be (presumably a travelogue but hopefully with some pictures).

So here's the invite, available to (friends and) blog-readers only!

Email me your post address, promise to get the postcard/thingummy back to me the week after I return, and then I shall write you something from a cafe / porch step / trainseat in New York (city) New York (state). I had to be told why they named it twice.

ps. Actually, I guess if you have a scanner, I could post the postcard to you anywhere and you can re-image it digitally
(Pete, you see how we live in different worlds, I have no clue how the technological age works).


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