Wednesday, 27 January 2010

There's a fair & critical review of the bothy zine at the excellent "365 zines a year" blog. It's not the only disordered & scrappy zine I've made, either (sex zine, spring zine, to a lesser degree exam zine & newcastle zine review - actually wor diary sometimes too), but for me it was all about the getting it out and done in time before i started work in september. I will no doubt fail to rewrite and redo more zines cos i always do em fast and scrappy and alive. Random offerings to strangers in the here & now.

But I already had the aim of getting my next zines - the new york and the anarchsit pilgrimage zine travelogue things - more readable and spaced out and ordered so it was good to read a third person saying it would help me communicate!

4 entries for the present for elodie already in, still waiting for the central european languages!


  1. Only the fact that I don't speak another language has stopped me from sending something in...

  2. I may have an attempt at esperanto tomorrow!

  3. Picked up a copy of Bothy @ Star n Shadow and was much impressed :) Stayed a few bothy's in the past whilst out in the wilds and your zine brought back good memories. Will keep an eye for your future output. Slainte/Shalom, Cal the Ouseburn Archivegeek