Wednesday, 31 March 2010

DIY Aye 2010 - Invitation to Zinesters!

DIY AYE was absolutely lovely last year, with loads of people getting crafty in the star & shadow, making zines, constructing dildos, learning how to do this & that & the other!

So some of us are going to put it on again in 2010, on Saturday the 1st May!
It will be donation-only, full of workshops & films & music & doing it together according to the age old anarchist ethos of DIY!

One element that I want to organise is a zine fair, so as some people are making zines, others can be browing them.

I realise some people can't travel all the way up north, or all the way from wherever their heartland is, so I am inviting people (you!) to send me a bundle of their zines for me to display & hopefully sell for them (you!) on a couple of big tables. I will personally guarantee sale-or-return, and will eagerly do swaps of my zines, & whatever it takes to get a good range.
So let me know if you fancy sending some zines for my table!
& if you wanna come for a visit to Newcastle, I'll put you up with me!


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