Friday, 9 April 2010

Zine Trail at Washington Arts Centre

In 40 minutes time it is the 10th of April, a marvellous day for local music, the Cluny the Cumberland the Star & Shadow & apparently some bonkers event in Blyth. I will spend most of the day in Washington, a nowhere place really, but with an arts centre that puts on interesting stuff. Leonie's organised an impressive small press event & I'm contributing a zine trail.

Out of convenient laziness, I haven't made the trail specific to the building in the way that I did for the Star & shadow one, but this does mean it could be reusable in the future if ever I haven't time to make a new trail!

It's very simple, small, entirely child-friendly, & reflects my day's interest in local dialect words (although I didn't make these totally authentic or local to Washington).

& according to the P.R.E.S.S. blog above:

"Mike Duckett created a wonderful zine trail that lead visitors around the arts centre and allowed them to build up a zine based around local dialect."So there you go.


  1. Like it Mike. It was good to see you there yesterday.

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