Monday, 6 December 2010

Anti Digital December

I found I was spending too much free time on the internet, instead of staring into space.
So I have got rid of my laptop for the month and therefore will not be updating this blog so much.
There are, however, various papery projects that I am making happen:
1. The First Edition of 'Opinionated Geordie Monsters' is out. 20 pages, 7 contributors, and hopefully about to start a life of its own!
And while I could only afford to do a run of 90 copies, it seems that there is a major dearth of decent gigs in Newcastle this month anyway so I can't give that many out ( there are a FEW good gigs, but they're sold out or when I'm out in Northumberland).

2. Wor History Calendar.

I got a bug and had to clear the house out so my first start on this stalled. But I will do it for Christmas, and rather than doing it really thoroughly and distributing it to the geordie public, it will just be for the most keen fans of wor diary, to help tide them over till the next one which we will start next year, to be ready for 2012. If you don't know wor diary, it's a participatory radical local history project whose website is being resurrected.
3. Cartoon Diaries.

Spending a lot of the last month snotting out green goo in bed, I have at least written a few diaryesque comics that may end up making sense as a zine in their own right. They're a bit melancholy, so would fit a winter theme.

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