Friday, 17 December 2010

Wor History Calendar ready


I've printed 50 copies of a calendar cut n pasted from old wor diaries.
It's strictly one for the participants and the fans, to remind them to get involved for next year.
It only cost £2 to make, so it only costs £2 to get (unless it needs posting).

Public Availability:
5 copies have been left in the travelling man comics shop on grainger st (at £3 cos their small press stand automatically adds 33%)
5 copies have been left in the new 'Made in Newcastle' shop, also on Grainger st, next to Greggs, which opens tomorrow.
5 copies also left in the Star & Shadow.

The rest have already been claimed by fans and participants of Wor Diary.

Deadlines in 2011 (taken from the calendar):

First Meeting for 2012 Wor Diary is April 1st in the Spital House pub, 7pm.
We hope to add a feature to the website by which you can choose a week to draw - the deadline for these bagsied weeks would be September 1st
On September 2nd the remaining weeks are distributed and on Saturday September 3rd we'd have a collective drawing/cut-n-pasting session for those who like the company.
Wor Diary 2012 will be available from 23rd October 2011.

How's that for forward thinking, eh?

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  1. Damn I really feel like I have missed out on something here. I like the look and the concept of the calendars but unfortunately since I am so mobile atm what with being homeless I wouldn't have been able to get one anyway, since if I buy things now I have to carry them around with me. They look good though!