Friday, 22 April 2011

Libraries close at Easter.

I am so disconnected from the working week. How was I to know it was Easter? Seems like every other morning to me.

Anyhow, it means I haven't q.finished my Malta zine, (plus I seem to have lost one page from it at the London Zine Symposium, doh!). But it will rise soon, when the stone of library-reopening-hours rolls away from the getting-round-to-it tomb, (kindly sponsored by the Joseph of Arimathea corporation).

I flew into London in the early hours and was pretty tired thru the symposium, which was packed! It was my first time doing a stall there, sharing with the fragrant peg powler duo, and I was heavily flogging my 10p miss marple zine, (although re-reading it, it wasn't very well done - hey ho, that's what no sleep and doing your symposium zine on the morning of the symposium does for you). I think actually I won't do a stall again for a while - I prefer the perambulatory experience! And selling is something I don't really enjoy, even for 10p. So the Malta zine, for example, will be sent for free to people who took part in some of the same experiences that it describes, and to people who signed up to the 'i'd like one' list at the symposium.

Mini comics day was wonderful, and gets a write up here which I don't need to reproduce. First time I've seen kids and adults making comics on a totally equal basis, and me messing up the photocopying of them on an equally equal basis. Plus Susan printed her first zine there at the start and the canny little library was open and cinema volunteers were joining in so it felt like a proper zine factory, yay!

Also someone kindly notified me they used a picture from the blog for an article here.

The sun is out and my seedlings are slowly growing. I don't have a job but I do plan to start drinking wine now Lent is (kind've) over.


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