Friday, 8 April 2011

Malta zine begins!

My next zine will be all about the nature! Especially the birds passing over Malta - I'm going to write an illustrated diary for the week I shall spend there, as part of Birdlife Malta's SPRINGWATCH programme. This aims to help migrating birds get past the island safely as they head up to us from Africa. Men with guns and shitty politicians kill them, and this year looks like being a depressing year, but we'll see.

Thinking ahead to the Maltese week, and realising that I wouldn't have very much time there to actually draw a zine, I started early! So below are a few scans that will be pages in this zine, which come from my week before Malta, up here in the beautiful north east. So it's Lindisfarne last weekend, and Twice Brewed at Hadrian's Wall during the week.

& don't forget mini comics day at the star and shadow tomorrow! 11 - 5pm, free!

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