Thursday, 26 May 2011

Joining the Folktrail

A group of folk musicians are walking from Lands End to John O'Groats, playing sessions in the evenings and recording the songs that local singers and musicians bring to them. They're called the 'folk trail'. I joined them for a couple of days as they went through what I consider as my patch, and as usual I drew a comic-diary.

First, I missed my stop on the train and ended up having to walk on the A69 in the dark.

I go to Once Brewed to meet them:

Having driven their van to Bellingham, I choose to meet them on Shitlington Crags (because it's funny):

I visit the place where the Rede joins the North Tyne:

There's a monster review of their gig in Bellingham (& Byrness too):

Next day, I walk with the group, breaking off only to visit Padon Hill:

After the second gig, I walk down the road to stay with friends:

Below are the pages, which can be zoomed in on - if you want to - by clicking on them.

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