Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Ah, festival time!

Finishing some work, I've just rejigged my plans back to 'fuck it why not' and so tomorrow I hope to arrive at Inverness a bit before midnight, and then to Lewis for the Hebcelt festival. It got me looking through my photos for one I really remember & love & cringe at for my full-on pantomime 'alternative youth' look.

I couldn't find that photo, but I did find these, from the glorious hairy days of the nineties. It's still how I think I look from the inside ...

So here's hoping for a bit more of the old me this summer: fluoro beads & sweat, the Levellers, army boots left untied, Devonshire dogs, carnivals and drunkenness.

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  1. well, train leaving newcastle was an hour and a half late. so i would miss my connection to inverness, and hence the bus to the ferry to lewis and hence the festival. so that was a bit of a false start to my summer of festivals, ay?