Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Reviews from Spring

I've got a few mentions here and there over the last 6 months. It's interesting to think of yourself in the terms only of people summarising you.

1. Here's from the peg powler exhibition zine back in february:

"Avid supporter of 'paper culture'" ay, yeah I'll go with that.

2. And the footprint zine had me down as producing something 'gorgeous' : I go weak at the knees.

3. Matthew at the 365 zines a year blog reviewed another one of mine, which I won't link to cos it's the personal one that I wasn't publicising around Newcastle. But I will, ahem, quote:
"it could be that with the new year Mike has attempted to concentrate more on the positive things in his life instead of dwelling on the negative. " Not so sure my housemates would agree about that ...

4. And Giz of 'Cheap Toys' wrote up about our chats at this year's London Zine Symposium: [image to be found and stuck in here, guv'nor]

5. Found another, from Autumn, a zine that partly I inspired, which is perhaps the best feeling:

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