Thursday, 25 August 2011

Last attempt at a festival.

First the train was late and I had to miss the Hebcelt festival on the Isle of Lewis. About THAT one I was gutted.
I had to miss Rolling Hills, tickets bought, because old school friends came to visit. That was okay.
Redefest got rained off half way through. But I still had a good day.
Beacons was flooded and cancelled as we were just setting off, and 'Leave me here' cancelled too. That was more dramatic. I got drunk.

Tomorrow morning I'm giving it one last shot, to the Vale of York and then to the North York Moors, (so long as wages appear in my bank tonight, that is). It's like flipping a coin and it landing on tails 5 times, still hoping for 'heads'.

Then the next Opinionated Geordie Monsters comes out - so much for it being the festival edition, ay.

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  1. This all went well - kind of - and the adventures were all written up, though I haven't scanned or printed them yet.
    Opinionated Geordie Monsters is also out today, in about a dozen venues around town.