Sunday, 14 August 2011

Something to Remember

After the first announcements of the riots, and asking what had caused it (the BBC wasn't saying at the time, but word was out that it was another street execution by police - the lesson here is when there's unrest in Britain, don't trust the BBC to report it accurately), I didn't pay them much attention. In a grand strategic sense, a battle between consumerism and the state has no heroes for me to root for. Just victims to empathise with.

But since then we've had days of escalatingly bare-faced cheek and an almost psychotic hypocrisy from the professional commentators, media spokesmen and politicians. Scumbags the lot of them, and all so privileged and safe that they thought their looting & their 'criminality' was beyond challenge. So I will remember that injustice, remind myself that it's only the weak and dispossessed who suffer, and also that it's only them who are available to be punished. I quote:

Gerald Kaufman (£43,564 expenses including 4 grapefruit bowls at £540) says 'I condemn the naked greed of these criminals and their taking advantage of their pampered and privileged opportunities ..'

David Wilshire (£160,532 expenses including £100k on a flat 15 miles from his main home)says 'My honourable friend has hit the nail on the head. This is not about ideology, it's sheer naked greed...'

John Healey (£84,562 expenses including £6,194 for renovating his kitchen ) says 'We should understand a little less and condemn a little more,Mr Speaker; only tough action against these feral youths will do...'

Tim Godwin (acting head of Met Police after resignation of Sir Paul Stephenson due to corruption probes and in command during Mark Duggan’s shooting by police officers) criticises ‘the criminality and wanton violence’ involved in the riots.

David Cameron (one time member of the Bullingdon Club Oxford University, alongside Boris Johnson and George Osborne, notorious for its members' destructive binges and drunken vandalism of resturants, churches, bars and other establishmets within the Oxford area) condems the 'pure criminality' of the rioters while agreeing that those who destroy "loot and pillage their own community" should no longer be allowed to live in social housing’.

Boris Johnson (one time member of the 'socially exclusive' Bullingdon Club Oxford University, alongside David Cameron and George Osborne, notorious for its members' wealth, priviledge and gratuitous drunken destructive behaviour) ascribes 'An excessive sense of entitlement" to those who looted.

Nick Clegg (guilty of two acts of arson at the age of sixteen for which he was given community service) stressed a need for an end to 'the needless ... destruction ... the priority ... to punish criminals involved'

Ursula Nevin (mother of two from Manchester), reportedly slept through the riots and did not participate in any way. The 24-year-old wailed in the dock as she was sent to prison for five months by a district judge. It is alleged she accepted a pair of 'looted' shorts from a friend.

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