Thursday, 27 October 2011

Wor Diary 2012

Is made, hurrah! And launched, this weekend! At the Star and Shadow cinema, both Saturday and Sunday as part of the Wor Story celebration of people's history.

Available for £4 from that event, and afterwards from a few other places, most likely the Star & Shadow Cinema (Byker), Travelling Man Comics Shop (Grainger St), and Active Distribution (London), as well as at local DIY & upward-aiming events (such as the Dance for Peace & Solidarity at the Cluny on 9th December).

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  1. hi, i sent this email to the wordiary address i had but no response - can you help?!

    hello Wor Diary people,

    i got your diary in 2009 and one other year and love it, and last night decided it would be a good idea to do a similar thing here in Derby!

    3 of us recently started a newsletter called the RamPages (see
    prompted by the cuts, we did an issue in october last year, and an update for Nov30, and are planning on another for next month.

    Now we're thinking do adhoc issues built up via a blog, but aiming to get more input from others, then 6-monthly updates where all the different groups in the area get a few inches to say what they've been up to. We're thinking one of these just before summer, and then a full on Diary for 2013 with the next 6-month update at the beginning, like a directory/news, plus each week done by different groups/people like in Wor Diary, and a mix of people's history and recent achievements/happenings annotating the days.

    Basically i was hoping you could just help us with any tips on the practical/technical compiling of it, and anything else you think we should know...

    would be great to hear from you, thanks