Wednesday, 9 November 2011

5 new zines and plans

1. Super Street was made with year 9 kids and other interesting people at 'A School' on Westgate Road as part of the Wunderbar Festival, on 2nd November. Haz invited me to join their afternoon lesson on making clothes and making a zine about super heroes, so I ended up spending the whole day there and we did some cool collaborative stuff. The collaborative stories in particular - about what adventures the residents of Super Street got up to - were laugh out loud funny. I printed 20 off on the photocopier at work and gave each participant their own copy the next day, hooray!

2. I also printed - after de-prioritising it for other things - my diary comic of my time at the Galtres Festival in North Yorkshire, which I went to just before Malta. I sent copies to people I met there. [picture also to follow]

3. And as I wait for Malta Zine 2 to come back from the printers, and promote Wor Diary round and about, I'm re-kicking-up-the-bum the coffee shops drawing project that I started in Spring. You are invited to join me in one of the coffee shops of Newcastle to drink some coffee and doodle. It's as simple as that, but my hope is that when all these doodles are stuck next to each other in a zine, they'll provide some kind of portrait of this city. I'm working weekends from now, so I should have midweek times to suit you!

4. The Duckett & Hay 3-panel cartoon is now, after a hiccup when we weren't consider student enough, a regular slot in the Courier. But if my writing partner considers his slide into unprintable filth, this may not last the whole academic year - we shall see!

5. After working the Christmas season at Kielder, I may disappear for a bit. I am spending too much time in the city and it's costly. I think a month or so spent mostly out in Tynedale might help me finally get my anarchist pilgrimage written up, and help me work through some unhappinesses : breaking a rhythm can sometimes help us find a new freedom. If the gods will it to be so.

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