Sunday, 19 February 2012

Darlo to Boro, for Penpals

18th Feb, got a train from Darlo to the Boro.
Here's what the view out of the windows looked like:

Houses & Lives

West Allen

Lots of Red Dogwood and Orange Willow. No signs of spring.

Thornaby. The mighty Tees. Luxury apartments all empty.

Post-economic landscape

Old train stock, rusting.

Modern Architecture

The glitz of Middlesbrough.

Signs of Teesside

Then at Mima I wrote letters as part of a penpals project Peg Powler organised. A great afternoon! Our penpals were in a cafe around the corner and it brought back all kinds of memories about thankyou cards for christmas presents, german penpals through school, and the people who I owe letters to!

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