Saturday, 4 February 2012

Doodles of Grow Heathrow (post 3 of 3)

If I don't write up and print ideas or experiences within a month, they tend to get left behind undone. Hence why I've made such a meal out of the Anarchist Pilgrimage to Siberia (about which, more soon).

In this case, I've not been able to get near a working scanner (the library's is kaput) and I have two new ideas and announcements queueing up, so this post is to finish my notes from Grow Heathrow.

The zines I posted.
(to the other participants, on a very poor quality photocopier)

My notebook, decorated with found advice from the abandoned garden centre next door.
(from whose pages these images all originate)

The birds I saw while I was there.

Sketches & raindrops.

Self portrait in my 'twat cap', as Viz calls it.
('A flat or country cap when worn by a scrote, pog or ne'er do well.')

The wordwalk pages.
(see previous post)

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