Monday, 3 March 2014

Sicily, no blogs.

I have not written anything on this blog for quite a while. Amongst the predictable reasons why, the two main ones are (a) I have not been doing so much zine-type stuff or collaborative art activity, and (b) that I have been writing so much by hand in my various diaries that the urge to share on the internet has been much reduced. 

Also of course there are the general scourges of doing anything like a blog : inane facebook quips and lazy link sharing (guilty); having a job (what a pain - but actually it's been quite fun recently); reading a lot (other people are more interesting than yourself, if you can choose the ones who write well); spending a lot of time in the countryside and in nature (hence = not mad).

But I am still drawing and writing and thinking and researching little personal projects and working out ways to share them. I am also people-watching as much as ever and going travelling. In this blog post I wish to share the latest evidence of this : I just came back from Sicily, to which I travelled by trains and boats. The following glimpses from my sketchpad tell enough of the journey to keep you close to me. And I have since bathed, so you need not screw up your face like that.

Best wishes, see you at a zine fair, conference, gig, street corner, market or train station soon.

1. To London, changing trains.

2. Couchette

3. Self portrait, travelling while full of a headcold.

4. Genoa, amongst pages of angsty & nostalgic paper-based talking-to-myself.

5. Ferry at Civitavecchia.

6. Peregrine Falcon at Palermo docks.

7. Notes from a book on Italian Anarchism, borrowed from the Canny Little Library.

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