Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Leeds Zine Fair

This weekend was the Yorkshire Zine Weekender, and I arranged time off work and other things to come and spend some proper time in South and West Yorkshire for it. I will post a link 'HERE' [when it's ready] to a more detailed blog post about the research and the wall cartography I did for the Sheffield half of the weekender.

This post is for the Sunday, which was in Leeds. I wrote an 8 page zine about it, which will go to the people I shared the experience with. Here I include the pages from the zine: cut up, with links.

I really appreciate it when other people review the zines they read, so finally I am putting some effort into recommendations to you!
They are obviously not the only decent zines that were shared at this zine fest, but the ones that caught my eye at the time. Write your own review for the ones I miss out!






Minor correction : this comic IS offensive to many people so don't get it if you dislike taking the pee out of religion, or sexual stereotyping done for laughs. willtapply.com

 erm, not sure. I'll get back to you on that.


(I realise the size of my writing in my pad does not translate perfectly to the size of text displayed in this blog, so apologies if you have to scan through the pictures separate to the text. I am not computerised yet).

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  1. thank you so much for the kind words! this has made my night - and possibly week... and further!